People and skills

Over the years we have specialized in Building Information Modeling with the use of the Archicad program by all designers.

This system allows designers to explore design alternatives using a visual programming interface, while evaluating the energy performance of design models to search for the most appropriate design.

A case study of minimizing energy use by maximizing the appropriate daylighting level of a residential building is provided to show the utility of the system and its workflow.

The main activity of the Company is oriented towards the world of industrial, residential and automotive construction.

Quoin s.r.l. has worked towards the adoption of operating procedures and general instructions aimed at complying with ethical rules in business management, basing its organization on a system of well-defined processes, achieving the above-identified quality certifications, as well as adopting specific protocols for identifying the roles of the various corporate functions, with clarification of the tasks of each, with a view to guaranteeing the separation of functions, with the centralization of decision-making power in the hands of the majority shareholder and sole director of the company.

This organization responds to the need to formalize the conditions of correctness and transparency in the conduct of corporate activities, with the ultimate aim of preventing illegal conduct which could result in the liability of the Company pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.


Franco Scaramuzza Architetto / Amministratore
Marino Gavasso Ingegnere / Direttore tecnico
Nicoletta Dal Zotto Architetto / Associato
Maddalena Barbi Architetto / Associato
Nicolas Baldovin Saavedra Architetto
Teresa Laiti Architetto
Anna Rita Erlacher Architetto
Pietro Scaramuzza Ingegnere
Dejan Tinto Architetto
Laura Bonadiman Architetto
Michele Sembenini Ingegnere

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